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NCF/Maybury Farm Event Coordinator & Organizer


JOB TITLE: Northville Community Foundation/Maybury Farm Event Coordinator & Organizer  (part-time)

Manager/Supervisor: Executive Director 

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The Event Coordinator & Organizer position involves the planning/coordination of all fundraising events at Northville Community Foundation and Maybury Farm. They will establish the needs and determine the scope for upcoming events - including creating a detailed project plan identifying  all needs and goals to be met - in order to run a successful, profitable event. The Events Coordinator & Organizer will also work to increase the attendance or the farm's current 8 yearly fundraisers as well as propose additional events to raise additional funds.


  • Assess and establish all requirements/needs for any and all upcoming events

  • Create and review an event project plan for all other Supervisors, Team Leads and staff in order to work as a team successfully

  • Run/participate in all event planning meetings, provide feedback to the Committee in attendance as needed

  • Carry out the Project Plan including reaching out to all vendors and individuals necessary for the event

  • Help to determine what is marketing is needed to communicate to the community about each event (i.e. posters/flyers, create A-frame signs for around the farm at each event, entry signs)
  • Assess what is needed to ensure profitability with each event - what sells/what doesn't, activities that meet the educational goal of the farm and the theme of the event
  • Schedule all vendors and request payments as needed
  • Supervise the overall event(s) - ensuring that all the requirements/tasks per the project plan have been met, working closely with the Executive Director, other
    Supervisors or Team Leads
  • Update the Executive Director on event profits by date
  • Run all monies from events through Clover by category at the end of each event for proper tracking - admissions, activities, concessions, etc.
  • Write up all job aides for each assignment at each event
  • Collect "Manager-in-Charge/Volunteer Recap folder" and return to the Executive Director who sends thanks/communications to all volunteers (folder is typically left in the store at the end of each shift)
  • Look for other event opportunities to help raise money for the foundation
  • Organize Hosting Events, such as Kids Against Hunger and New Hope, along with the entire Maybury Farm Team

  • Work to establish list of individuals to approach for potential event sponsorships 

  • Work to establish lis of individuals we can reach out to for donations

  • Set-up information packets for each event so that the "Manager-in-Charge" is prepared for volunteers and guests arrivals

  • Work with the schools and community to recruit volunteers



  • Report shift times online each day, showing the number of hours worked for each task performed

  • Carefully watch the schedule to ensure that you know the hours you are to work - if you can’t be here for your shift for any reason, contact the Executive Director



  • High school diploma 

  • College degree or work experience preferred

  • Good communication skills

  • Good computer skills - Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, Google Docs, etc.

  • Marketing experience helpful, but not required

  • Good analytical skills, highly organized, detail oriented

  • Ability to multitask

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Ability to work within a budget

  • Proactive self-starter and able to work collaboratively


  • Attend all training meetings and Maybury Farm events meetings as requested

  • Help plan and attend the annual Volunteer/Employee meeting in April

  • Attend meetings with any/all organizations who are interested in/considering having events at the farm



  • Work all Events



  • 20-25 hours per week 

ATTIRE: Jeans or khaki pants, capris or long shorts with a Maybury Farm team t-shirt

HOURLY RATE: $14 - $17 dependent on level of experience

Opportunities for growth and increased responsibilities available based on performance.


APPLY: Please email your resume and/or a downloaded a job application to farmteam@mayburyfarm.orgWe will not reply to social media posts.

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