Connecting children and families to animals and agriculture


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Our mission is to educate the children and families of our surrounding communities about the animals and agriculture of Michigan that are essential to a traditional working farm, historically and today, through hands-on experiences that are both engaging and educational.  We work to create connections to the animals, agriculture, and habitats that provide much of the food, fiber, and other resources that are utilized and consumed and expand knowledge and awareness of agriculture and its vast and vital role in our world.



We seek to cultivate attitudes of care, conservation, and cooperation in those who visit the Farm and help the people of our communities become thoughtful consumers of their resources.  We hope the children who visit the Farm and engage with its animals, agriculture, fields, and forests will walk away with education but also with inspiration.  Inspiration that will spark in them a desire to be intentional in how they interact with the people, animals, and land they have been gifted with.  And that the habits they create and the vocations that they choose will have a positive impact on the world around them.








+ For the Farm to be a center of place-based education that

creates opportunities for multi-disciplinary learning and growth

in core competencies within the context of the farm setting


+ To help children to grow in their skills of observation, inquiry,

investigation, experimentation


+ To expand children's' understanding of the farm and its role in

their lives


+ To highlight the interdependence the land, animals, and

communities have with one another

+ To stimulate thinking about their habits and relationships to the food and fiber they consume and the land and animals that provide it

Maybury Farm is a program of the Northville Community Foundation,

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance
& enrich
life in the community.  The Farm receives no tax dollars
to operate.

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