Farm Tours at Maybury Farm are an opportunity for children and families to engage in hands-on experiences that connect them to the animals and agriculture that are such an important part of our world.  Whether it's learning about how sap becomes  syrup, how sheep produce wool for our fiber, holding a baby goat, seeing working honey bees up close, hiking our trails to explore native Michigan trees and wildlife, or taking a wagon ride out to the corn maze, our Farm Tours are designed to cultivate joy and wonder in every child!  We integrate experiential learning activities that engage kids in observation, inquiry, and experimentation, but it's so fun they don't even realize they're learning science.   

Descriptions of our 2020 Farm Tours with available dates, pricing, and tour lengths are listed below. All tours include a dedicated Farm Educator. Visiting the barn and farm animals, and use of the playground and picnic area is included in all tours but please note the space is shared with the general public visiting the Farm. To allow time for a self-guided tour of the Farm and use of the playground and picnic area we suggest a two-hour timeframe for your Farm Tour. We can always work with groups to customize tours based on group size and time needs so please call us to discuss. If you are a K-12 class that is part of a public or private school system or homeschool class, please contact us for school group pricing. 

If you would like to add a 30 minute Wagon Ride to any tour, the cost is $3.00 per person. The wagon is pulled by our tractor along the milled trails through the forest and fields and then back to the Farm. The From Sap to Syrup, A Season to Bee, Forest Explorers, and Fall on the Farm Tours include a wagon ride in the price listed below. 


For further details, and to make a reservation, please call 248-704-9211.  

We look forward to having your group grow with us this season! 

2020 Farm Tours

From Sap to Syrup

This engaging tour begins with a wagon ride out to the Sugar Bush where you will head into the woods and learn about the amazing way sugar maple trees produce sap, how to tap a tree, why sap flows, and how to collect it. The wagon will then take your group to the Sugar Shack where you will learn how sap becomes delicious maple syrup and watch the process in action, in our evaporator. You will also get to try a sample of the finished product! This tour includes one cup of hot cocoa for each guest and a self-guided tour of the farm and the animals.

Cost: $8.00 Grades: K-12 (Also a great corporate outing!)

Available Dates: March (Availability subject to change based on weather.)

Tour Length: 60 minutes* 

Farm Animals & Us

Everyone eats, everyone uses fiber, but not everyone understands where that food and fiber comes from. Understanding our connection to the animals that provide these resources is an important value for our community. During this tour, our guests will be introduced to the working animals of Maybury Farm including horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and more! They will learn about breeds and gender names, their life cycles, their food and pasture needs, and the roles different animals play on a working farm. This tour includes use of the playground and picnic area.

Cost: $7.00

Grades: Preschool-5th

Available dates: May-October

Tour Length: 60 minutes*

A Season to Bee

Honeybees may be small but they are mighty – mighty important to our food system! This tour starts with a tractor ride out to the Maybury Farm working hives. At the hives we will learn about the life cycle of honeybees, the various jobs of the bees in the hive, the importance of pollination to our food system, the threats that our honeybee populations face and what you can do to help! Back at the farm’s garden you will get to see bees pollinating the food we eat, see the observation bee hive in the barn and learn how bees communicate. The final portion of the tour is the Honeybee Relay, where the group will put all the knowledge they gathered to work and compete in a friendly relay where they become the honeybee! Then they’ll get to taste the fruits of their labor with a healthy and delicious honey stick.  This tour includes a self-guided tour of the farm and animals and use of the playground and picnic area.

Cost: $9.00

Grades: 1st-5th

Available: June-September

Tour Length: 60 minutes*

Forest Explorers

Let’s explore what makes a Michigan forest so unique! A wagon ride will take us out to the forested area of Maybury where we will walk into the trails and under the canopy. We’ll be a group of forest explorers for the day and get our hands dirty learning about what makes up our forest ecosystem, including the native Michigan trees, flowers, animals, bugs, fungi and the importance of the soil that supports it all! This tour includes a self-guided tour of the farm and animals and use of the playground and picnic area

Cost:  $9.00 
Grades:  Pre-school -1st grade
Availability:  June-October
Tour Length:  60 Minutes*

Chow Time

Have you ever wondered why cows chew their cud or why most farm animals eat hay? Learn why in this interactive tour! We will learn about the dietary requirements and unique digestive systems of chickens, horses, and ruminant animals including cows, sheep and goats. During the tour we will even get to feed some of the animals! This tour includes use of the playground and picnic area.

Cost: $9.00

Grades: 1st--5th

Dates:   June - September

Tour Length:  60 minutes*

Fall on the Farm

As the seasons change, so does life on the farm. Fall is a wonderful time as the growing season comes to an end, the crops are harvested and the land and animals begin to prepare for winter. This farm tour includes engaging educational activities that teach about the important Michigan crops of corn and apples and all their incredible uses. Groups will enjoy a wagon ride out to the corn maze and have time to complete a section of the maze. Also included with the tour are Parmenter's cider and donuts, a self-guided tour of the farm and animals and use of the playground and picnic area.

Cost: $9.00

Grades: Preschool-5th 

Available: Sept-Oct

Tour Length: 75 minutes*

Farm Animals & Us Guided Public Tour

If you have ever wanted to get to know the animals of Maybury Farm a little bit better, this is your chance! Come along for a guided educational tour of the many animals we have at Maybury. From food to fiber, learn what roles our animal’s lives play in yours.

Tours Available: April 26th, May 10th, May 24th, June 7th, June 21st, July 19th, August 2nd, August 16th, August 30th, September 6th. All tours begin at 1pm.

Tour Length: 60 minutes.

Cost: $7, includes admission to the farm.

Open to the Public. All ages welcome. No Reservations Required. No Minimum Group Size. 

*Tour Length indicated is for the educational portion of the tour and does not include additional time for self-guided tours of the farm or use of playground and picnic areas.


For a printable list of preschool-aged educational opportunities click here.

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