To date, $68,411 has been raised for the Farmhouse Renovation project.  Most of the renovations that have been completed at the farmhouse have been to the interior in order to make it a safe, warm, and usable office space. 


See below for a list of what has been completed so far:



+Side porch: removed and saved cobbled windows, cleaned up carpentry, patched area of siding with wood siding to match current farmhouse as closely as possible, cleaned up ceiling, installed insulation where required, repaired electrical, removed bird nests, replaced trim, added flashing, and patched all holes
+Cleaned up and repaired windows and doors throughout the farmhouse ensuring they are operable along with caulking and repairing all seals
+Repaired siding 
on farmhouse, front porch, and upper top porch
+Temporary roof repair, including patching two holes made by raccoons, added metal flashing and Ice Gard base perimeter of the upper roof
+Front Porch: repaired wall, insulation, removed bird nests and reinstalled flashing and trim
+Repaired original stone foundation to seal cracks and holes, seal interior walls against water leaks
+Main floor and basement clean out, removing large piles of debris
+Installed cellar door
+Installed new high-efficiency furnace and replaced/repaired 
+Repaired and restored plumbing to the entire farmhouse: updating pipes and fittings, new fixtures, cleaning lines, and repairing broken parts
+Demoed existing water 
heater and installed new water heater and water softener
+Painted most of the house including prep and repairs 

+Installed WiFi and phone service in the farmhouse
+Removed all carpet and padding throughout the house, restored 
all of the hardwood floors including sanding and sealing all on the first and second floors
+Professionally cleaned and repaired four attic rooms: removed damaged insulation, cleaned remnants of critter infestation, repaired water damage, deodorized, and sanitized
+Installed insulation in all four attic rooms
+Electrical repairs as 
needed throughout the farmhouse
+Professionally cleaned the farmhouse including cleaning of windows inside & out
+Outfitted the farmhouse with office furniture, computers, 
and supplies for Farm staff
+Installed smoke alarms in all rooms within the house
+Installed blinds throughout the first floor

+Installed kitchen cabinet knobs throughout
+Installed electrical outlet covers for all 



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life in the community.  The Farm receives no tax dollars
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