The Farm is Open - We Can't Wait to See You!

What's Happening at the Farm?


Maybury Farm is open for the season and is now approved to sell merchandise and concessions!

Farm Camp is Sold Out for 2020!


COVID-19 Reminders:

Face Masks will be needed when entering the Welcome Center or when within 6 feet of other guests. (Exceptions - Children under 5)   Face Coverings required from Farm Camp/Story Time/Watch-Me-Grow Programs.


Story Time and Wagon Rides have been canceled until we can safely accommodate all guests at the farm.


Please practice the recommended safety precautions by social distancing, using hand sanitizer or washing your hands frequently.

DO NOT come to the farm if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or fever.

Maybury Farm will be following all guidance issued by the CDC, DNR and the State of Michigan. Please use links to view documents regarding COVID-19/Maybury Farm safety protocols: 

Michigan Government Safety Protocols; NCF/Maybury Farm Response and Preparedness Plan

Please be aware that, to keep our animals and visitors safe, a new fencing system was installed.The white wire on the inside of the animal paddocks has a intermittent, low voltage current running through it to discourage the animals from destroying the fences - please interact with the animals at the black gates. Thank you!

Continuing our commitment to an educational mission, Maybury Farm is proudly raising Heritage Breeds.
We have registered Jacob sheep and 4 new lambs born this spring!


Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breeds that were raised before industrial agriculture became
a mainstream practice. They were carefully selected and bred over time to develop traits that made them well-adapted to local environments. Traditional, historic breeds retain essential attributes for survival and self-sufficiency – fertility, foraging ability, longevity, maternal instincts, ability to mate naturally, and resistance to diseases and parasites. 


Jacobs coats are white with black spots, and they most often have two sets of horns - although they
may have only two or up to six. Both sexes are horned.

Be sure to check them out on your next visit to the farm. You can also purchase their wool, or roving,
in our general store for spinning or crafts.

annual report - 2019; archived - 2018; 2017

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Maybury Farm is operated by the Northville Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance
& enrich life in the community. The farm receives no tax dollars to operate.

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