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Barn, Farm & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor


JOB TITLE: Barn, Farm & Ground Maintenance Supervisor  (part-time)

Manager/Supervisor: Executive Director

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The responsibility of the Barn, Farm & Ground Maintenance Supervisor is divided into several areas including barn maintenance, farm/ground maintenance and the management of the team of volunteers you will be working with to complete any/all tasks. Each area of responsibility is broken out separately below. In this position, the supervisor will make recommendations to the Executive Director that will ensure NCF/Maybury Farm meets the needs of the community while working to meet the budget.



  • Manage and complete any and all projects - including maintenance & set-up -  in the Barn, General Store, Farmhouse and farm grounds. The farm is over 150 years old with a large barn,14 outbuildings, extensive fencing and play structures.  Additionally, farm machinery is to be maintained.

  • Review, complete and update all tasks assigned to you on project plans. Tasks to be completed by or in advance of the date shown on the project plan

  • Work closely with all supervisors and/or team leads to complete the tasks necessary in their respective areas

  • Maintain all farm/maintenance equipment keeping it operational at all times

  • Watch and review to determine what repairs or maintenance items require updating/repair

  • Assist on all events as needed - set-up, tear-down, general maintenance, grounds prep and any necessary projects required

  • Provide a list & work schedule for volunteer groups and individuals to the Executive Director to allow for communication/preparation in advance of their arrival

  • Meet with all volunteers upon arrival, review their assignment for the day, oversee completion of the tasks

  • Provide insight into Strategic Planning for the area of responsibility - determine projects to be completed and costs

  • Work 100% of your time on maintenance projects at the farm

  • Ensure that all monthly safety checks are completed in accordance with the requirements by the State, DNR, NCF/Maybury Farm. (i.e., pump/fire extinguishers)

  • Train all tractor drivers on mechanics of driving as well as all safety measures necessary to keep all guests safe



  • Clock in and out in Paychex app, coding the hours worked using accurate payroll code

  • Carefully watch the schedule to ensure that you know the hours you are to work - if you can’t be here for your shift for any reason, contact your Supervisor and then the Executive Director



  • High school diploma

  • College degree or work experience

  • Good communication skills

  • Outlook/Excel/Google Docs/Word/Etc.

  • Building experience, basic mechanical, skills-knowledge of electrical, plumbing, woodworking helpful

  • Experience with tractors and equipment is beneficial

  • Tractor driving experience preferred but not necessary – can be trained

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • Good people skills

  • Leadership/management skills - working with employees/volunteers

  • Team oriented individual


  • Attend all staff meetings and Maybury Farm events meetings as requested

  • Attend all volunteer meetings

  • Attend vendor or organization, including annual DNR meeting, as requested



  • Work events as requested

  • Complete all tasks assigned per event as early as possible - all preparations need to be completed the day before the event



  • Up to 30 hours per week (part-time position)


HOURLY RATE: $16 - $18 dependent on level of experience


APPLY: Please email your resume and/or a downloaded a job application to farmteam@mayburyfarm.orgWe will not reply to social media posts.

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