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JOB TITLE: Farmhand (part-time)

Manager/Supervisor: Barn/Animal Care Supervisor

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The responsibility of the Farmhand is to care for the animals in accordance with the direction of the Barn and Animal Care Supervisor. This includes (but is not limited to) feeding, grooming, lifting hay/food bags, cleaning of pastures, pens, water troughs/feed bowls and hay baling.



  • Care of all animals at the farm in accordance with guidelines from Barn and Animal Care Supervisor

  • Maintain all pastures and pens - clean and secure for safety

  • Provide clean water for all animals

  • Grooming of animals

  • Follow all protocols for feeding including weight/proportion control of feed provided

  • Provide animal engagement sessions for the public

  • Support tours, summer camp, onsite 4-H Club and Farm events by assisting with educational programs concerning livestock

  • Livestock care including birthing, feeding and basic medical care

  • Ensure safety of guests, employees and volunteers

  • Observe guests and volunteer behavior, assess appropriateness of activities, enforce appropriate safety regulation and emergency procedures, apply appropriate behavior-management techniques (including asking the violators to leave)

  • Communicate, work alongside and provide instruction as necessary to employees and volunteers

  • Help educate and train all new employees/volunteers, allowing them to shadow and learn from you

  • Follow instructions in the feed room - on chore sheets, and white board; instructions are often updated

  • After each barn shift, communicate with team members what took place, update chore sheet

  • Identify and respond to environmental and safety issues

  • Assist guests, employees and volunteers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, lost child or injury)

  • Complete/fill out Injury Report when someone is injured

  • Tractor Driving - move manure to compost piles

  • Hay baling

  • Follow directions and procedures as established by the Barn and Animal Care Supervisor, the Executive Director and the NCF Board


  • Report shift times online each day, showing the number of hours worked for each task performed

  • Carefully watch the schedule to ensure that you know the hours you are to work - if you can’t be here for your shift for any reason, contact your Supervisor and then the Executive Director



  • High school diploma

  • Work experience preferred

  • Animal Care Experience preferred

  • Good Communication skills

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • Outlook/Word

  • Tractor Driving Experience preferred but will train


  • Attend all staff meetings and Maybury Farm events meetings as requested

  • Attend all volunteer meetings

  • Attend vendor or organization meetings when requested


  • Work events as requested - complete all duties/tasks assigned by supervisor or Executive Director


  • 20-25 hours per week (part-time position)

  • Flexible scheduling available, details will be provided during the interview


ATTIRE: Maybury Farm Team T-shirt; closed toed shoes are required, working boots are highly recommended; dress for the weather - we work rain, shine, snow or sleet!

HOURLY RATE: $10.25 - $13 dependent on level of experience

Opportunities for growth and increased responsibilities available based on performance.


APPLY: Please email your resume and/or a downloaded a job application to farmteam@mayburyfarm.orgWe will not reply to social media posts.

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