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Garden Staff


JOB TITLE: Garden Team Member (part-time, seasonal)

Manager/Supervisor: Garden Supervisor

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: Maybury Farm is seeking an experienced gardener to assist the horticulture supervisor in the farm gardens. The perfect fit would be an outgoing, knowledgeable gardener who enjoys being outside, is self-motivated and is comfortable around people. The primary responsibility of a Maybury Farm garden staff member is to supervise and assist in all garden activities including, but not limited to, IPM, weeding, pruning, harvesting and basic care for all our plants in addition to directing and assisting other staff, volunteers, and farm campers and answering questions when approached by the public and offering education when necessary.


  • Attend all meetings and trainings

  • Implement program activities while assisting staff, volunteers and farm campers in the gardens

  • Ensure a safe environment, advocating for our plants, animals and insects

  • Serve as a role model for campers by displaying exemplary behavior at all times

  • Be welcoming to all volunteers, the public, campers and other staff

  • Perform duties as assigned by Garden Supervisor or Farm Director

  • Report shift times online each day, showing the number of hours worked for each task performed

  • Watch the schedule to ensure that you know the hours you are to work - if you can’t be here for any reason, contact your Supervisor and then the Executive Director


  • High school diploma

  • College degree or work experience helpful

  • General gardening experience & knowledge

  • Enjoys being outside in varied conditions

  • Can lift up to 50lbs.

  • Good communication skills

  • Outgoing, comfortable around people

  • Self-motivated


  • Instruct garden volunteers as directed by the Garden Supervisor

  • Educate guests on gardening using a set curriculum and general garden knowledge


  • 20 hours per week (part-time position)

  • Flexible scheduling available, details will be provided during the interview

  • Attend all Staff Meetings and Maybury Farm Event meetings as requested

  • Events - work as required

This is a part-time, seasonal position. The number of hours each employee is scheduled for will change based on the season/events at the Farm. Note: Occasionally the Farm closes due to inclement weather. Missed hours due to weather are not paid. 


ATTIRE: Jeans or khaki pants, capris or long shorts with a Maybury Farm team t-shirt; closed toed shoes are required, garden boots are highly recommended

HOURLY RATE: $10.50 - $12 depending on experience. 

Opportunities for growth and increased responsibilities available based on performance.


APPLY: Please email your resume and/or a downloaded a job application to farmteam@mayburyfarm.orgWe will not reply to social media posts.

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