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Garden Supervisor


JOB TITLE: Garden Supervisor (part-time, seasonal)

Manager/Supervisor: Executive Director

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The responsibility of the Garden Supervisor is to plan, plant, maintain and harvest 1/2 acre of growing fields (including ½ acre of educational gardens, multiple raised beds and flowers) as well as overall grounds beautification around the farm. This also includes maintaining and utilizing compost. Each area of responsibility is broken out separately below. As the Garden Supervisor, you will make recommendations to the Executive Director that will ensure NCF/Maybury Farm is meeting the needs of the community while adhering to the budget.

NOTE: In 2022, MF will not be planting pumpkins, but could reconsider in the future. Knowledge to determine if the hay fields/pastures are ready for planting and/or mowing, etc. is helpful


  • Determine what and when to plant in the garden

  • Complete the garden layout so that all educators and the camp team know how to access with guests for educational purposes

  • Interview or complete orientation for any employee or volunteers who want to work in the gardens

  • Make recommendations to the Executive Director on what is needed for the garden for purchase (adhering to budget).

  • Look ahead to determine what is needed to ensure that our apple and pear trees produce fruit for camp and tour use in fall of 2023.

  • Work with the Master Gardener Program volunteers in the gardens around the farm - develop an attractive garden for the community 

  • Work with Barn, Farm and Maintenance Team Leads/Supervisors to ensure expectations are met for all volunteers and master gardeners

  • Help in the establishment of a 4-H club at Maybury Farm

  • Work with 4-H kids on garden maintenance and education them on how the garden benefits us all

  • Manage hay field growth, execute cutting, raking and bailing with assistance from the farm staff and volunteers - be "on point" for all things hay 

  • Report shift times online each day, showing the number of hours worked for each task performed


  • Lead farm tours along with the other members of the educator team

  • Follow the Tour Team Leads write up/instructions for a consistent message across all tours


  • High school diploma

  • College degree or work experience

  • Good communication skills

  • Outlook/Google Docs/Excel/Word/PowerPoint

  • Master Gardener (helpful, but not required)

  • Garden planning experience - compost, soil amendment, planning, crop rotation, seed starting, planting, maintenance, harvest and sale of product

  • Knowledge of garden site growing season preparation, compost receiving and end of growing season tasks is helpful 

  • Hay - knowledge and experience is helpful, but not required

  • Tractor experience helpful, not necessary

  • Work well with people

  • Provide clear and concise instructions to employees/volunteers



  • Attend all staff meetings and Maybury Farm events meetings as requested

  • Attend any and all volunteer meetings

  • Meet with any organizations where farm gardens may be a point of discussion



  • Work fundraising events as requested 

  • Follow up on and complete any and all Event project plans and the tasks assigned to your area

  • Provide input/ideas to enhance events at the farm


  • 20-25 hours per week (part-time position)

  • Flexible Scheduling Available, details will be provided during the interview

This is a part-time, seasonal position. The number of hours each employee is scheduled for will change based on the season/events at the Farm. Note: Occasionally the Farm closes due to inclement weather. Missed hours due to weather are not paid. 


ATTIRE: Jeans or khaki pants, capris or long shorts with a Maybury Farm team t-shirt; closed toed shoes are required, garden boots are highly recommended

HOURLY RATE: Up to  $17, dependent on level of experience

Opportunities for growth and increased responsibilities available based on performance.


APPLY: Please email your resume and/or a downloaded a job application to farmteam@mayburyfarm.orgWe will not reply to social media posts.

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